Current potential uses - Marketing - Advertising

        The various pictures and the new videos that you can see on this site have been shot with the same prototype. This prototype (wingspan : 1m66 = 5'5'') represents a toucan. But all the patterns, drawings, colors or even shapes can be changed to reflect your imagination (from the most original to the most realistic shape).

A lot of uses are already available.

In model-making :
        The current prototype is certainly not marketable as is, but the aircraft is finished in terms of its design and draft. So if you are a radio-controlled aircrafts manufacturer, we can show them to you. The necessary materials for its manufacturing is standard in model making. Thus, it is quite possible to produce in a short time period another aircraft close to the prototype with very good performance, safe piloting and at a reasonable price.

In movies and shows :

        Everyone knows that in this field, computer-generated pictures are excessively expensive. The Truefly should be able to carry out sequences of flights (or a bird or a UFO, for instance) for the needs of a film with very advantageous conditions of costs and deadlines. Anything can fly, if it remains within reasonable limits of mass and size. A flight currently lasts 2min 40s, but this autonomy can be increased easily. Moreover, just the fact of changing the batteries (witch takes no more than 20s), allows as many flights as you wish. If you have a project, do not hesitate to contact us !

In Advertising :

        The image of a company or a product is the base of the communication. "Truefly, the first aircraft able to fly by flapping its wings" refers to our imagination, our curiosity and our respect. It is synonym of high technology, innovation and frontier exploration. Whatever flying object you want to create (a Léonard de Vinci, an Icare, an eagle, a dinosaur,...), it can help you to perfect your image.

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