Future evolutions and projects

Our main current research has two different aims, which are:

Optimization of the actual model :

       Although the Truefly has really good performance, we are convinced that this mode of propulsion definitely has a higher performances capacity than traditionnal flight modes. Consequently, we are currently trying to improve it. Our research consists of a constant effort to extend the period of flight. We want to optimize the mecanism-reductor-motor-accumulators unit, while keeping cost low. Another step will be to optimize the management of the gliding flight, probably by an electronic system.

The full-sized realization :

       Every one of us has dreamt about it, it is necessary that someone dares to realize it. Although we are conscious of the difficulties that appear if we want to make a man fly by using his only muscular force, we think that it is possible and thus we are working on it. The improvements are currently slingtly limited because of cost and time limitations, but we are getting closer and closer to our aim !
       Making a man fly by using the same principale but with a thermal engine is obviously possible, but requires means we do not have (for who is interested ...) and can be considered only as an interesting and instructive step to the true flight, the muscular flight.
       We will inform you of the evolution of our research on this site.

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